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Learner Support Fund

Discretionary Learner
Support Fund

The Discretionary Learner Support Fund (DLSF) provides financial support to
assist learners aged 19 or above who are experiencing difficulty in meeting
the costs associated with their learning.

What types of costs are supported by the fund at the point of enrolment?

 Tuition fees
 Examination fees
 Course material fees
 Travel expenses
  External and Internal Childcare fees

Who can apply for support?

To be eligible for funds from the DLSF learners must be aged 19 years or older
and must be studying on an Adult Education Budget qualification course.

Eligible learners must also be on a low household income or be in receipt of
one of the following benefits:

•  Jobseekers Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance
•  Universal Credit
•  Working Tax Credit
•  Child Tax Credit
•  Housing Benefit or Local Housing Allowance
•  Carers & Disability Benefit
•  Pension Credit
•  Income Support
  Other current DWP low-income benefits

Other current DWP low-income benefits
Learners with a household income of less than £24,000 must provide their
three most recent pay slips (last 3 months) or a valid P60.

How to apply for the Discretionary Learner Support Fund

In most cases the application will be completed at the point of enrolment.
Learners are entitled to one application and one course only per year. Other
applications will only be accepted at the discretion of the Head of Learner

As well as showing receipt of benefits or household income listed above,
learners must provide a current bank, building society or Post Office
statement. The statement must be within three months of the application
date. Mini statements are not accepted. Learners are expected to commit to
100% attendance of lessons on the course.

Travel expenses reimbursement

The Discretionary Learner Support Fund provides financial support to those
incurring travel expenses as part of their study.

The amount of support for travel is based on the learner’s address, the WAES
centre of study and the days that study takes place.

Support towards the cost of travel is set at a maximum of £4 per day and
£12 a week. In some cases additional support may be offered,
considered on a case by case basis. Travel support will be based on your
registered attendance.

To make a claim submit the dedicated form for travel expenses incurred to
date in that term. Learners may submit claims for travel expenses up to two
weeks before the deadlines. Travel form applications can take up to 28 days
to be processed from the date of submission.

For more information and to collect the form speak to a member of staff in
the Learner Hub

Discretionary Learner Support Fund Policy

DLSF Document

Further information and useful contacts

If you require advice about other sources of financial help please speak to a Learner Experience Officer.

Futher information is available from,,

Information about studying and financial help is available from


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