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Technology for Learning

At WAES we strive to give you the appropriate tools you need to succeed in your studies, whether it be free onsite internet access or common software packages.

Find out more below about the technology available to WAES learners.


Free wi-fi at WAES centres

As a WAES learner, you can access wi-fi in all WAES centres via a portable device - whether it be a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

To connect to the wi-fi, simply follow these steps:

  1. Connect to WAES-WIRELESS.
  2. Enter your details, with your username as your six-digit student number and your date of birth password (DDMMYY).
  3. Browse the internet as usual.

If you have trouble getting online, please email with your student number and details of your issue.


Microsoft Office 365 - free for WAES learners

Office 365 is available free for all WAES students for the duration of your study.

To claim your free home copy - which includes Word, Excel and Powerpoint 2016 - follow this link along with instructions below.

Then log in using your WAES email address and password.

Your WAES email address is your six digit student number - eg. and your Date of Birth password(DDMMYY). If that does not work please try 010100 as your password.

Office 365 can be installed on up to five devices, including PCs, Macs, iPads and some smartphones.​

If you experience any difficulties, please email with your student number and details of your issue.


Access your student services all in one place

Our new intranet gives learners a one-stop-shop for their eLearning platform, Office 365 apps and useful student info

Simply log on to using your student email address ( and your usual date of birth password. All student related apps can be found under ‘Learning’. These include:

  • Teams – our user-friendly new eLearning platform, also available an app. Chat to your tutor, classmates and download lesson plans and notes, as well as completing assignments.
  • Mail - access your free student email account.
  • Work in online versions of the major Microsoft applications, including Word and Excel.
  • Notify your teacher of your absence from a class.
  • Read the student handbook – your rights and obligations as a WAES student.
  • Request learning support online.
  • View videos your tutor has uploaded.
  • Discover more about our learning centres.



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