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Working at WAES

WAES is a friendly, inclusive workplace where staff are encouraged to progress, learn and grow in a supportive environment. WAES is also a great place to work. Don't just take our word for it:

Wendy Powell – Learning Support Co-ordinator:

"I am in my 7th year at WAES. I started in the ESOL department as a Part-time Tutor and a Mentor to 2 ESOL tutors. Since then I have taught in the Community, trained volunteers on the Talk English programme and also worked as a Distance Learning and LDD Administrator. Last year there was an opportunity to cover as a LDD Co-ordinator for 3 months. I went for the interview and got the post! Following this temporary cover, I was able to more to my role as a permanent Learning Support Co-ordinator. I work in this post for 4 days a week and the day I am not working I continue to teach in the Community. I currently teach Computer Skills, Employability workshops and Positive Pathways workshops which include Empowering Women.

"I enjoy the camaraderie I have with colleagues and the opportunities I have been given to work in other departments over the years. I feel supported by the managers who I work with. They give me the confidence to do the tasks to the best of my abilities. Also, the tremendous support I have received from other departments within WAES, who I know I can access when necessary! Finally, I am grateful I can continue to teach and be part of our learners' journey towards their goal of achievement of a qualification or completing a course."






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