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Learner Spotlight – ESOL (L2) April 2021

Clara Fazari
Level 2 ESOL
With our new term beginning on 19th April, we caught up with Clara Fazari, a 24-year old ESOL learner originally from Italy who moved to London in September 2020.

Clara is able to fit her learning around her full time job as a nanny with an Italian family by taking part in the Saturday morning ESOL classes. In just a few months she has seen her confidence grow and is excited to use her new English skills to help her make the most of living in London.

Hi Clara! Tell us about why you chose to do an ESOL course.

“When I arrived in London in September I didn’t feel so confident with my English, I was really scared to talk with everybody. So when I found this course I thought it had all the things that I need. You can practice your English with your classmates, you can practice with your teacher, and all without fear. Thanks to this I got more confident now.”

Why did you choose WAES for your ESOL course?

“Because between all the courses I saw I thought that this course is maybe the only one that has all the language skills that I need.”

What were you doing before you started this course?

“I was just working as a nanny for an Italian family so also that couldn’t help me with my English.”

What part of the course do you enjoy the most?

“I think the best and my favourite bit is when we have a lesson face to face because in that case you can practice. You can try to make everything better, so I think that moment is my facourite moment, it’s my favourite bit!”

Do you feel more confident in your English since taking this ESOL course?

“Yes I feel more confident, I feel that I get really good improvements. I think that I am going to continue the ESOL course and maybe I would like to try to get the Cambridge English Qualification. I hope so.”

How would you describe your tutor?

“He is a very good teacher, he is very very patient. He has always different ways to teach you. I am very confirtable with him and I am happy that I have him to teach me English, and thanks to him I get more confident now.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying this course?

“It would be really the best choice that you can make. I have already seen how many improvements you can get on myself so yeah absolutely I think it would be the best choice!”

To hear more from Clara, watch the interview video below.

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