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Green Live Learning Lab 

The ‘Green Live Learning Lab’ Project in North Westminster, which began in spring 2023, brings together Family Learning with real-life sustainability learning.

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About the Green Live Learning Lab

The neighbourhoods of north Westminster are changing, as low-carbon and retrofit regeneration and investment projects move ahead. We are taking the opportunity of this ‘live’ classroom to demonstrate what these changes will mean for local families. The heating and cooking systems we use in our homes will change and we will all need to become familiar with renewable energy. There will also be wider considerations of how we live in a low-carbon city. The architects, designers, environmental specialists and building development professionals who are carrying out the regeneration work are all involved in the project.

In addition, with much of the development in the environmental industry outpacing the school curriculum, this project is a valuable “see it, understand it, be it” opportunity to bridge this gap and to highlight and signpost ‘green’ careers.

This project also aims to tackle the lack of diversity within the sustainability sectors by involving children and families from under-represented communities to foster interest and aspiration towards future jobs in green economy.  

Co-creating a full pack of teaching resources with the local family learners, which is also accessible for participants who do not have English as a first language, will be another outcome of this project. This will be disseminated through national Family Learning partners.

What has happened so far?

Between March and July we held participative sessions with WAES students and low-carbon and renewable energy technical experts (see pictures below!). We then moved on to co-creating teaching materials with session participants. The teaching resources (for example quizzes, displays, discussion activities or anything else to help people learn), which are on the topics that we have looked at in the participative sessions, mean that the project we are doing could be repeated with other learners in other cities, or in other parts of London that are undergoing similar retrofit and regeneration work, using the resources we make.

Forthcoming Events

Watch this space for future events.

You might also be interested in the launch of the Green Skills Innovation Centre at WAES later in 2024, which will house the latest green technology equipment for communities, businesses and individuals to experience and share the knowledge and skills which will place Westminster at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Green Live Learning Lab