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Community Learners invited to English National Opera preview

On Saturday 29 January our Knit & Stitch Community group were delighted to be invited to attend the dress rehearsal of English National Opera’s latest feature, La Boheme.

We were among many other community groups, partners and schools lucky enough to be gifted free tickets to this showstopping preview. The learners who attended had a wonderful Saturday afternoon, and by the time the final curtain fell there was not a dry eye in the house!

We caught up with Prudence, a member of the Knit & Stitch group who told us about how much she enjoyes her classes, and what she thought of the show.

Can you tell us a bit about your knit and stitch class?
The knit and stickh class is lovely. It started last term with Tye Dye and stuff like that which I enjoyed doing and now we’re doing knitting.

Why did you decide to join?
I do an art class in the morning and somebody said last term why don’t you stay and do this other one too. The reason I like it so much is because it’s such a nice relaxing thing to do, when you do art you concentrate and focus or don’t chat but this is very pleasant to sit there knitting, it’s such a nice atmosphere, and it’s so nice to get to meet and spend time with some really nice people. It’s such a lovely way to spend a day with the art in the morning and then relaxing and socialising with the knitting group in the afternoon, and in such a beautiful setting at Grand Junction.

What did you think of the opera?
I enjoyed the opera very much, extremely, even more than I expected. I haven’t been to the opera in more than 40 years, it’s such a beautiful place and the sets are really impressive. It’s so terribly expensive to go so it’s wonderful to be invited for free!

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