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Madame Tussauds’ artist visits WAES

Thank you to fantastic wig and makeup artist Susan Day who visited our Hair and Media Make-up Learners to present some of her decades of experience working for Madame Tussauds. She works not only on historic and celebrity figures but also creates lifelike models of animal foetuses, unborn penguins or giant human ears for television documentaries to illustrate animals in utero or simulate a camera journey deep into the body.

The class saw how the training and skill that create the finished article succeeds only with a collaborative team effort of clear communication, research and reference, so that everyone understands that deadlines cannot be missed and that you must take account of variables you may not control in planning and costing. The variety of projects Ms Day has worked on opened our eyes to the opportunities that are there to be made after qualifying.

Handing round a blue cast of Marilyn Monroe’s face, samples of human hair dyed and treated for specific effects and a jar of acrylic eyeballs stimulated some good group chat.