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National Apprenticeship Week Case Study – Angel Shah

For National Apprenticeship Week (7-13 February 2022) we caught up with Angel Shah. Angel is currently completing her Level 2 Inclusive Apprenticeship in Customer Service, whilst gaining practical on-the-job experience working at City Lions where she is part of the Community Engagement team.

Please introduce yourself and tell us what apprenticeship you are currently doing, and where.
I am Angel, I am currently studying the L2 Customer Service in City Lions, Community Engagement Apprentice. I am currently doing this in Policy and Projects teams in Westminster City Council.

When did you start the apprenticeship and when are you due to finish?
I started my inclusive apprenticeship on the 24th May 2021, and I am due to finish this apprenticeship in January 2023

What were you doing before you took on this role?
I was studying and doing the Supported Internship at City of Westminster college – Maid Vale campus. So I have three work placements whilst I was there on the course and there were Business and Economy team, Public Protecting and Licensing department and Office of Nickie Aiken MP. Also, the side of the placement we had some work skills and how things work in the workplace we are going to after the course.

What made you consider doing this specific apprenticeship in this area?
I wanted to develop my business and administration skills and learn more about the Westminster City council.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?
The day to day work tasks are:

  • Uploading the data enrolment onto the team dashboard
  • Top issues weekly updates
  • Website research and upload activities and events
  • Highlighted report email
  • Help out at the workshop and events with the team

What have been your achievements during your apprenticeship?
I have developed all the key information on the spreadsheets in the council and expanding researching activities and events for the page on the City Lions website. Also, I was part of a team nomination at the staff awards.

What are your long-term goals after your apprenticeship ends?
I want to get a full-time career job in the Westminster city council and maybe within the same team at City Lions.

What will you do when your apprenticeship finishes? Has your apprenticeship helped you to achieve these goals?
I want to experience more jobs and use all of my skills/experiences in the future.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about doing an and apprenticeship?
An apprenticeship is an opportunity to gain your skills and experiences whilst getting paid and getting more qualifications.

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